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We can provide you special packages and offers for your stay in the South of Italy, where all our facilities and our accommodation can offer you moments of delightful relaxation. Enjoy your dream holiday in the green Vesuvius National Park, where comfort and Enogastronomy live together to make you live a unique experience.

Special agreements for companies

For all the partner companies, the farmhouse Vesuvio Inn guarantees the possibility of booking at discounted rates directly from our website, simply by entering a specific company code into the bookin...

Special agreements for companies

Book in advance...get 15%discount!

Stay one step ahead and save! If you book at least 22 days before your arrival you get 15% discount on our best prices! Discount applicable to stay of at least 3 days. Discover our one day trip or the...

15% Off Book in advance...get 15%discount!
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